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Arendal - nature and culture in Southern Norway

Free WiFi in Arendal city center

Free WiFi

Arendal offers its guests and its citizens free WiFi in the center of the city. So its free to use the internet on your mobile, ipad or other devices ...

Photo : Kystverket


From idyllic Lyngør to former industrial town Eydehavn, the Sørlandsleia protects sailors from strong winds and rough sea, and offers some of the ...

Lighthouse holiday

Lighthouse holiday

Exotic and charming, enriching and exciting - a night in a lighthouse is an adventure for anyone who whishes to do something special while on holiday ...

Mountain tops

Mountain tops

Sporty adults and children who want to reach the top can look forward to a holiday among the woods, moor and mountains in the lovely Åmli landscape.

Canal Street lighthouse concert

Festival summer

The sea and the sun provide a magical setting for many festivals during the warm summer months in Region Arendal. Take a look at our main events and plan your summer with the Hove festival, Canal Street or more.

Inland fishing

Inland fishing

A fishing rod, warm beverages on a thermos, fresh fish in the frying pan at the end of the day. Experience the calm in the woods, near the river, or ...