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Getting there - and getting around

Getting to Arendal


It's not hard to get to the Arendal region. The train brings you here from east and west, and the buses have almost hourly departures from Oslo. The ...

Getting around in the region

Local transportation

Local buses in the Arendal region bring passengers from Arendal to Tvedestrand and Åmli, and further to Risør, Setesdal and Kristiansand.

MS Patricia

Charter boats

In addition to the local bus companies, there are several companies that can bring groups along for a short or long boat trip. Take a look at the charter boats here.

Ferry schedules

Ferry schedules to Merdø, Sandøya, Lyngør etc in the Arendal and Tvedestrand area.

Charter boats

Charter boats

Rent a boat and bring your colleagues, family or friends on a trip among the skerries. Fabulous on a windy October day or a sunny afternoon in April.

Airport bus Arendal-Kjevik

Nettbuss Sør Our local bus company makes sure there area good bus services between Eydehavn, Tromøy, Arendal and Grimstad, and the Timebussen betwee...

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Ferry from Tvedestrand to the islands

Take the ferry from Tvedestrand to the islands close by. The ferry is in traffic until August 2....


Ferry to Merdø

See when the ferry runs to and from the sight Merdø outside of Arendal, Southern Norway....


Ferry boats M/F Trau & M/S Pellærn

Ferry all year between Arendal and Merdø with the boat M/F Trau. During summer expanded schedule with both M/F Trau and M/S Pellærn. ...

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Merdø ferry M/F Merdø

Ferry from the town centre to the island Merdø in June/July/August. Departures to and from Merdø every hour. For more information, call 909 74 361...

Tromøy - Arendal - Hisøy


Ferry between Tromøy, Arendal and Hisøy, two departures per hour all year, all day and almost all night....

Like ved fergeleiet til Lyngør

Ferry to Lyngør

Ferry between Gjeving and Lyngør, a beautiful island in Southern Norway....


Take the violet buss from Arendal to Kristiansand and back every half an hour during the day, every hour in the evening and on weekends....


Konkurrenten is a bus company that has daily routes from Oslo to Kristiansand ....

MS Lyngholmen

Sørlandets Maritime

At Sørlandets Maritime, located near Lyngør, you can rent a taxi boat or charter boat for a pleasant trip with friends or aquaintances all year. ...